Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Warren Report

I have just a few comments on Kristol's column from last week because I've already addressed his views on Rick Warren in a previous post.

"...having Warren there will, in fact, be a welcome reminder of the strides the evangelical movement and religious conservatives (broadly speaking) have made in recent decades."

Kristol really shouldn't be speaking all that broadly. Warren has asknowledeged that he believes, like many conservative Christian fundimentalists do, that anyone who doesn't believe in the godliness of Jesus Christ is in for an eternaty of damnation. So if you are a religious conservative that is Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or anything else, how is this a a reminder of any strides made in recent decades? I'm not sure if Kristol is pretending, for his own benefit, that non-Christian conservatives are in league with Christian fundimentalists (I'm not too aware of the Jewish and Muslim presence at pro-life rallies), or if he is stealthly trying to incinuate to other non-Christian conservatives that they should be in league with Christian conservatives, who eveidently think that their souls are headed for Hell.

Kristol goes on to reflect on the decline of American culture, sparked by Maya Anglelou's reading of a multicultural poem at Bill Clinton's inauguration. Now that's just stupid.

Kristol then takes notice of Obama using the instance of Washington crossing the Delaware in Obama's radio address. An American president(-elect) using an event from American history for a speech? What must Obama's academic supporters think about this very precidented idea, Kristol muses. Did Bill Kristol think that we were going to hear nothing but MLK and Malcolm X quotations from Obama for the next four years? This was mostly just a way for Kristol to take a shot at academia, which is another way of insinuating an us vs. them political dynamic, even though right-wing academics can be just as egg-headed and irrelevent as left wing academics. 

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